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Movement vs. Machine

The reason we’ll be able to fight for policies that benefit working-class Astorians is because we don’t need to worry about wealthy corporate donors pulling their support for us if we raise their taxes or make them treat their workers fairly.

We’re powered by a small-dollar, grassroots, volunteer-led movement, which means we’re free from the financial pressure most politicians face from big business.

So yeah, we answer to our donors - but our donors are you.

Zohran MamdaniAravella Simotas
More than 90 percent of our donations came from real people.Less than 40 percent of her donations came from real people.
Not one penny from corporations or special interests.More than half of her money comes from corporations and special interest PACs.
Powered by hundreds of Astoria donors.She got more money from Albany lobbyists than from Astoria residents last cycle.

Prisons & Policing

It’s one thing to say you support criminal justice reform in general. It’s another to say you support the policies that actually make it possible.

We need to roll back the power and presence of the police by removing them from the areas of our lives where they have no business being - like our person, sexual, and work choices - but our opponent has no record of supporting that.

Zohran MamdaniAravella Simotas
Decriminalize sex work & drug possession, get the police out of people’s lives.No record of support for decriminalization.
Not one penny from police or prison guard unions.Took thousands in cop money before she was shamed into giving it back - and then only gave back half of what she took.
Organizer for Tiffany Cabán, who endorsed our campaign.Sat out the DA’s race because of her friendship with Melinda Katz.

Housing & Tenants Rights

We need to take back control of our housing market so that it works for everyone, not just big landlords and developers. But the real estate industry is opposed to every significant reform, and they're spending big money to try to block them.

Unfortunately, our opponent is taking that money. Big Real Estate trusts her to protect their interests — that's why the cash is flowing.

Zohran MamdaniAravella Simotas
Foreclosure prevention counselor and tenant advocate.Landlord.
Fought for housing for homeless LGBT youth in Astoria when others opposed it.Fought against a shelter for homeless families in Astoria, sued the city to kick it out of the neighborhood.
Not one penny from the real estate industry.Broke her promise to stop taking real estate money. Took thousands from developers and landlords this year alone.

Climate Justice & Public Power

Unless we totally eliminate fossil fuels from our economy, we risk locking in a level of warming that will be catastrophic for human life on earth.

As one of the largest parts of the American economy, New York has a special obligation to reduce our carbon emissions.

But our opponent has been on the Energy Committee in Albany for a decade, and the entire time, she’s been taking money from the fossil fuel interests we need to eliminate.

Zohran MamdaniAravella Simotas
Opposes all new fossil fuel infrastructure.Advocated for new natural gas infrastructure right here in Astoria.
Not one penny from fossil fuel interests.Takes thousands from energy companies and special interest groups in the energy industry.
Endorsed by the Sunrise Movement and Youth Climate Strike.Ally of fossil fuel companies because of her position on the Energy Committee.