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COVID-19 Information Resources

COVID-19 information and resources

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Housing is Healthcare

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus is illustrating that housing security is not only a matter of personal dignity and social justice, but indispensable for public health.

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Open Letter from Astoria's Small Businesses

Astoria’s small businesses need immediate relief - or many will close their doors in this crisis and never open them again.

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Public Health, Not Private Profit

The novel coronavirus is revealing how seriously profit-driven healthcare undermines public health. We need a single-payer system in New York.

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The Threat of Prisons to Public Health

Without immediate and dramatic action, New York’s carceral facilities will become breeding grounds for the novel coronavirus and sites of even greater levels of human suffering.

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Workers Under Lockdown: Taxi and Rideshare Drivers

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has highlighted the unacceptable levels of precarity drivers and other gig workers are forced to endure, and demands both immediate and longer-term remedies.

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