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New York City is a union town, but our leaders don’t treat workers with the respect they deserve. Instead of fighting for higher wages, stronger benefits, and safer job sites, they have let let big business run roughshod over the workers who built this state and make it run. We need representatives who will stand up to management and protect and extend labor rights for all workers.

  • Require prevailing wages and union labor on any project that receives state aid.
  • Extend labor rights to every worker, including gig workers, regardless of immigration status or industry.
  • Discipline employers for wage theft, unsafe workplaces, and firing workers without just cause.
ystem that locks thousands of people out of stable employment, bars them from accessing public benefits, and banishes them from secure housing makes safe and stable communities impossible. Not only does it ravage the lives of those caught up in the system themselves, it impacts their friends, families, children, and neighbors as well.

She also recognized what all credible research demonstrates but which almost no district attorneys in the country will admit: that the best way to reduce crime and ensure safety is to provide people with employment, housing, education, and robust public services that enable them provide for themselves, their families, and their communities. Her vision for a district attorney’s office whose role was to ensure access to these necessities was a revolutionary approach in the fight for decarceration in New York.

But this struggle isn’t limited to district attorneys’ offices. Although DAs exercise enormous discretion over how the law is implemented, they are bound by parameters set in Albany. They might use the tools they’re given in excessive, coercive, and arbitrary ways, but those tools are given to them by the state legislature, and the legislature can take them away. We intend to do just that.

As socialists, we believe that the people should not have to endure the violence and coercion of a market that regards all that’s necessary for a dignified life - or even bare survival - as commodities from which the poor and working class can be excluded if they can’t afford to pay. As socialists, we also believe that people should not have to endure the violence and coercion of a criminal-legal system that props up the exploitation of the market by surveilling, caging, and killing those fighting to survive under capitalism.

That’s why when we’re elected, we pledge to support existing decarceral legislation, including:

We also pledge to introduce new legislation to further the project of decarceration in New York by:

Finally, we pledge to abide by the principles articulated in the No New Jails Electoral Pledge.

We promise to fight the construction of new carceral facilities and advocate instead for investment in those communities that have been impacted by mass incarceration.

New York state spends more than $3 billion every year in maintaining a carceral system that exacerbates interpersonal violence and communal harm instead of preventing them. We will fight to divest from that system and invest in restorative justice instead.

Another world is possible, one where instead of consigning people to the violence of incarceration, we create space for them to heal and thrive. We’ll build that world together, starting right here in New York.