Vote For Zohran!

If you absolutely cannot vote in person and are experiencing issues or have not received your requested absentee ballot email us at

June 23rd Election Day Voting

Election day is on June 23rd. Look up your poll site location here. Election day polls are open from 6am till 9pm. If you are having any issues with your polling location please call our voter protection hotline at 866-700-5927 or email us at

How To Vote By Mail / Fill out an Absentee Ballot

If you have not mailed in your absentee ballot yet, be sure to have it mailed and postmarked by 5pm today June 23rd. You can also email us at and we will come and pick up your completed ballot and drop it off at a poll site to ensure it gets counted.

If you feel safe and have the correct protective equipment(Mask) you can ensure your vote is counted by voting in person at your polling site.

If you did not receive your ballot, haven't mailed it yet, or already mailed your absentee ballot, but changed your mind you can still cast an early vote or vote on election day which will override your absentee ballot

Need Support?

If you are running into any issues or have not received your ballot, or have any questions about absentee voting, contact us at

New York Voting Schedule